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Why do I need title insurance?

We don’t blame you for wondering why you need title insurance. But think of it like this. When you purchase any particular piece of real estate, it may come with decades, or even a century or more of ownership baggage. One of our responsibilities at Attorneys Title Group is to …

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What is title insurance?

What’s a title? A title establishes an individual as the legal owner of a piece of property. While titles are most commonly associated with real estate property, titles can apply to personal property as well. If you’ve ever purchased a used car, the seller likely transferred the certificate of title, …

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Why choose Attorneys Title Group?

Experience As an attorney-owned company with nearly 20 years of experience in title insurance, real estate closings and real estate law, we have the necessary expertise to provide fast, accurate, and hassle-free closings. Chris and Alise do a great job of making the closing experience smooth and hassle-free to our …

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